car rental without
a driver in Almaty
г. Almaty, 86 Gogol St., office 101, "KazZhol" BC
прокат автомобилей
без водителя в Алматы

Car rental in Almaty
without driver from
9000 ₸/day provides an opportunity to rent a car without a driver at reasonable prices. Travel all over Kazakhstan without restrictions!

We take an individual approach to your order, the technical condition of the cars is constantly checked, which guarantees your safety.

Cars are always available for rent
Years on the car rental services market
11 250 +
Need a car in a hurry?
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Our manager will contact you within 5 minutes and we will choose the best option for you

Car rental in Almaty

For your convenience and ease of selection, we offer the most popular cars of late 2020 and early 2021.

The full list of available cars is in the catalog and it is constantly updated...

Hyundai Elantra 2020
7 - seater
Nissan Patrol
Suzuki Grand Vitara
Transmission: automatic
Type of fuel: gasoline
Volume: 2.0 liters
30 000 ₸ deposit
25 000 ₸ / day
Nissan Qashqai
40 000 ₸ deposit
20 000 ₸ / day
Hyundai Creta
Volume: 1.6 liters
Transmission: automatic
Type of fuel: gasoline
40 000 ₸ deposit
40 000 ₸ / day
Volume: 5.6 liters
Transmission: automatic
Type of fuel: gas - gasoline
30,000 ₸ deposit
16 000 ₸ / day
Volume: 2.7 liters, 4WD
Type of fuel: gasoline
Transmission: automatic
₸ 35 000 ₸ deposit
20 000 ₸ / day
Volume: 1.6 liters
Type of fuel: gasoline
Transmission: automatic
You will find great deals on any car rental - from practical family SUVs
to luxury cars
You get a fully equipped, insured car air conditioning, regular audio system, seasonal tires, Pit Stop kit
You can send electronic copies of documents via the Internet or messenger to conclude a contract.

We provide all necessary reporting documents
All vehicles are insured for OGPO and KASKO damage coverage.

Technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Flexible discount system
and quality
We work
under the contract
Traffic accident insurance
Application for machine selection!
Leave your phone number, we'll call you back within 5 minutes and find the best option for rental car for the most comfortable driving

Rent a car Almaty

The fast pace of the modern world requires people to be mobile, and moving by public transport is often too slow and inconvenient. Even a small breakdown of a car may require repair, due to which the owner will not be able to travel comfortably in Almaty for a few days. Car rental is a convenient service for business and tourist trips around Kazakhstan.

Car Hire Almaty

You may need to rent a car in the following cases:

- the owner's car is being repaired or is not suitable for a business trip;
- the client is considering buying a new car, but wants to test drive it before purchasing it;
- a car is needed to go to another city for business purposes;
- you need a roomy car for a tourist family or a group of friends who came for a vacation.

In any case, the car will help to become more mobile and to spend time comfortably and on a budget. That said, you may need a rental for a wedding to make sure the guests are comfortable on the trip, or during a corporate event if the company wants to organize a vacation for employees. Even taking a sedan or jeep will not cost a lot of money, because our company has a loyal policy towards the client.

Rent a car in Almaty

There are several criteria for choosing the right car:

- capacity of the trunk, if you need to transport somewhere a large number of packages, equipment, tools;
- capacity of the cabin, if a large company is going to go at once or a long-term trip is planned;
- the class of the car: from budget models for simple purposes, to business class, for trips to negotiations or to create a positive first impression;
- gearbox, equipment, technical condition, model.

All this helps to make the most correct choice for a particular task. All the same to buy each time a new car for different circumstances of life is senseless. That is why the cheap rent-a-car is the profitable and up-to-date decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to travel by car outside the city or in other cities of Kazakhstan?
Yes, you can. Movement by our vehicles is possible throughout the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The price per kilometer will change. Please ask our managers for details.
Is it possible to extend the car without coming to your office?
Yes, it is possible. You need to contact our manager in advance and tell him about it. Payment can also be made remotely.
Can I rent a car without a deposit?
No, a deposit is mandatory for all without exception
Is it possible to reserve a car in advance?
We accept reservations only 1-2 days in advance (no early reservations)
Do you have a car delivery to my destination?
Yes there is. Delivery is paid: in the city from 3000 to 4000 tenge. To the airport 5000 tenge
How to book a car?
1. You need to send to What'sApp photo ID and driver's license on two sides, address of registration and residence;
2. Clarify the availability of the car, choose;
3. Specify the exact time of your arrival for auto;
4. Discount the reservation in the form of 5000 tg on Kaspi Gold

Requirements for car rental
1. Age 21+;
2. Insurance class 5+;
Original documents (driver's license, ID card or passport)

Other conditions
1. The deposit is accepted only money (not military tickets, phones and other documents)
2. payment of the deposit is required (refund after 4 days, on the 5th day after the return of the car back from 18:00 to 19:00)
3. the day we give 200 km in excess of: 1 km = 50 tg
4. Departure to other countries is forbidden only within the Republic of Kazakhstan
5. Transferring the steering wheel is forbidden
6. All cars are insured by KASKO
7. The car is handed over to you clean with a full tank and received from you also clean with a full tank